Your bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary where you can unwind and relax at the end of each day. You might put this room at the bottom of your design list since it’s the most “private” room in your rental near Edison, NJ but think about how much better rested you feel when you’re comfortable and peaceful. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to arranging your bedroom, so you can have the ultimate Zen space.

  1. Arrange Your Lighting

Sometimes overheard light is harsh and not very inviting. Consider investing in a floor lamp that might make the room’s light softer. If you’re a bedtime reader, an over-the-head lamp is a must so you can dim the brightness and easily turn it off without having to climb out of bed.

  1. Consider Your End Table

This table is often overlooked since its utility is to simply function as a catch-all – but consider its storage capabilities as well as its height. Make sure to invest in one that is at the same level of your bedframe to avoid spills or knock-overs.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Throw Rug

Let’s face it: getting up in the mornings is difficult. But that’s precisely why so many people decide to bring in an area rug beside the bed. Consider a soft and fluffy rug for your rental near Edison, NJ so your bare feet have a little treat first thing in the morning. You’ll be thankful for it in no time.

  1. Think About Your Tech

Be sure to have a charging station for your devices that will make your nighttime routine simple—and so you don’t knock everything over in the morning when your alarm goes off.

  1. Your Bed is Your Throne

If space allows, make sure you devote the heart of your room to your bed—your sanctuary. Instead of putting it in a corner to save floor space, place it so there’s space around the sides so the room feels like it revolves around the bed. You’ll feel regal and in control every night before going to sleep.

The bedroom at your rental near Edison, NJ is where you recharge to face the day. Make sure it’s inviting and not just an afterthought.