You rent an apartment in West Windsor, NJ. It’s green, historic, and affordable, with Trenton, Princeton, and New Brunswick just minutes away.

Your West Windsor apartment places you at the center of Mercer County’s business, educational, and cultural communities. In Central Jersey, this is where it’s at—but you’re renting. How you make your NJ apartment feel like your own?

Read on for tips on how to make an apartment in West Windsor, NJ look like you.

Ditch the big box stores.

We’re all adults now, so why should our apartments look like dorm rooms? Ditch big box stores wherever possible; look for furniture at antique/secondhand shops, from friends/relatives, or on Craigslist.

Get colorful.

If your lease allows you to paint an accent wall—if—by all means take advantage of it. If not, consider temporary wallpaper, or creative solutions like paint chips.

Hang ‘em high.

We know you like that Van Gogh print. You’ve lugged it around for years. It’s a classic. But c’mon—millions of people have it. Dig for old maps, family photographs, or even your own artwork. Try to juxtapose conversation pieces.

Get outside.

No room is complete without plants. You’d be surprised how easy some are to care for.

Stacks, stacks, stacks.

Ask a local farm market if you can purchase wooden produce crates. They’re great for kitchen storage or as bookshelves, and they’re striking accents.

With a little imagination and help from BestRentNJ, soon your apartment in West Windsor will look like you!