Apartment living, no matter where you live, can leave you with wondering where to store everything and maximize your space. Here are four great ways to eliminate wasted space in your Piscataway NJ rental.

1. Go Vertical
Get solid shelving for your new home, install it properly, and put your storage up instead of down. Tall medicine cabinets and wall hanging bathroom organizers in the bathroom will eliminate the clutter and stuffiness in the smallest room in the apartment. Hanging shoe organizers will keep the bottom of your closet from being a mess, and hanging hats decoratively on the walls will save you shelf space.

2. A Home for Everything
While organizing your Piscataway NJ rental, choose a “home” for each item you own. When you’re done using that item, put it directly back where you found it. This will save you time and space, as clutter makes a home feel messy and stuffy.

3. Smaller Furniture

Giant stuffed couches and recliners may be comfortable but they are not space efficient. Measure your apartment before choosing your furniture. Then, draw out a scaled map on paper, and plan where you want each piece of furniture to go and how much space you want it to take up. This way, when you head to the furniture store you won’t accidentally come home with a couch that doesn’t fit through the doorway. You will also be able to narrow down exactly what you want instead of spending your whole Saturday searching for furniture.

4. Multitasking
Make your furniture work for you. Each piece in your Piscataway NJ rental should be able to multitask, whether it’s a chair/step ladder, or an ottoman/toybox, or a painting that folds down into a desk. This way, when everything is put up and away you have more space for entertaining. It also gives an air of whimsy to your apartment, making it fun and practical.

When organizing your Piscataway NJ rental, you should be creative and have fun with it. Don’t let it stress you out – instead, see it as a challenge!