No one likes to move.  No one, no one, no one.

You don’t want the rolls of tape, boxes, or change of address cards. You certainly don’t want the phone calls with utility companies and long goodbyes to neighbors. The apartment grows bare in front of your eyes, your pets have anxiety, and you have a long drive to your NJ home—across town, the state, or the country.

We’d love to flick a switch and transport you to your new apartment in New Jersey, furnished, friendly, and stress-free. But as it stands, here are tips for an easy move.

Time. Give yourself at least two months, if possible. Tack on a few weeks if you work a lot, have kids, or are a procrastinator.

Lists. Make a master list of tasks and break down tasks into their own lists as necessary. Make a general time budget as you go along.

Organization. You can’t move stuff effectively if you don’t know where it is—or have too much of it. Stock up on sturdy green trash bags or park a dumpster in your driveway. A solid purge will feel great and also ensure that only the furnishings and memorabilia that you want—and use—make the move with you.

Plan. Walk through your new apartment. If you can’t, look at pictures and floorplans. Where will you put everything? How will you decorate?

Assistance. Asking friends and family to help you move often feels harder than asking for blood or money. But if you can call it some favors, do it.

Patience. Spend time with neighbors and at your favorite local spots. Eat well. Sleep.

Laugh. The unexpected will happen and mistakes will be made. Be prepared to take a deep breath and laugh where you can.

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