Looking for things to do near Woodbridge, NJ? If you live in an apartment complex in the Woodbridge area, we’ve found some of the best local attractions for you.

One essential for so many people is a farmer’s market. Finding great, healthy, local food can be a must. Ours meets on Wednesdays, 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Another big attraction is the Woodbridge Community Center, featuring Mini Golf, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Video Games, and more.

Another must have amenity for many in our community is New York City. You could call it the world’s biggest amenity. And Penn Station is just 45 minutes away. Far enough away to live in a peaceful community, yet close enough to be a regular convenient destination.

Our apartment complexes in Woodbridge, NJ, offer a great range of amenities that complete that sense of living in a great community. These include brand new tennis courts, gym, lounge, on-site pool, and internet room. Some have heat, hot water and gas as part of the rent.

With over a dozen apartment complexes in and around Woodbridge, we can’t begin to offer a comprehensive list of amenities or community attractions. And even if we could, a laundry list just doesn’t do it justice. Come for a visit, and feast your eyes on the possibilities.