One of the biggest advantages to renting an apartment is saving money. Since there’s less space to heat, furnish, and occupy real estate, you can easily keep your monthly living expenses lean. There are quite a few other benefits to living small in a rental near Woodbridge, NJ, so check them out below!

  1. Less to clean

Think about it: With fewer rooms to clean and less space to occupy, you won’t have to devote an entire weekend to cleaning. Instead, you can just focus on the rooms that you do have, and since you don’t have multiple people living in the space with you, you only need to worry about small messes.

  1. Updates are simple

Decorating for holidays or replacing the screens in the summer are easier to tackle when you only have a few rooms to worry about. No need to hassle with stairs or multiple rooms, and you can forget about all those extension cords!

  1. Downsizing = Practicality

Having a smaller space can actually be quite the blessing. Since you won’t have as much room or space to spread out as you may in a luxury house, you’ll have to get pretty creative when it comes what items to keep and what to toss or donate. Now would be the time to purge any items you may be hoarding and consider keeping only the essentials. You might be surprised at how much you’re hanging onto without really needing it!

  1. Easier to theme

If your ultimate goal for your rental near Woodbridge, NJ is to have an overarching theme (classic, feminine, or even bold), this will be easier to achieve with a smaller space. You’ll only need to worry about your bedroom, living room, and dining room (and any other smaller room, like a den or accent hallway). So, get your dream board together and start brainstorming!

  1. Easier to explore variety

With a smaller space to decorate, you have more freedom to exercise your creativity and experiment with patterns, styles, and colors that you normally wouldn’t have the courage to try. If you find it’s not your thing, luckily, your space is small enough, so you can have an easy do-over!

Minimalism can be freeing even if your rental near Woodbridge, NJ has lots of space, you don’t have to fill it all!