Can’t afford a big style makeover at your Florham Park rental? Does your lease prevent you from painting and papering?

Yes, light makes a room. But it can also re-make it.  Simply changing or re-styling your light sources can go a long way toward a fun new vibe in Florham Park rentals.

Here are some ideas:

Sconces. Back when lamps were cumbersome and expensive, lights were mounted right into the wall. Try repurposing old sconces or installing new ones.

Shapes. Who says you’re limited to the functional designs of a big box store? Young designers are doing amazing things with light fixtures in unorthodox shapes.

Chandeliers. No, they’re not just for ballrooms, and they’re not just made of crystal. Check ‘em out!

Vintage. Because sometimes you need to go back to the future!

This article has lots of pictures to inspire you, along with product links. Let us know what you come up with!

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