Almost all interior decorators tout the affordability, ease and impact of a fresh coat of paint, especially when trying to breathe new life into and old room. New spaces, too, can benefit from a burst of color that reflects its inhabitant’s personal style and day-to-day mood. But what if you’re an apartment dweller with a landlord that’s not so keen on tenant painting? As a recent visit to an Elizabeth, NJ apartment demonstrated, there are plenty of options for adding a splash of color to your worn in, or freshly moved in, apartment aside from using a paintbrush:

Area Rug
Instead of coloring the walls, why don’t you color the floor with a vibrant area rug? A large, boldly patterned or hued area rug punctuates the cumulative look and feel of the room and acts as an anchor to center furnishings and other décor. Use the rug to pull other colors from components of the room, including wall art and throw pillows.

Colorful curtains can instantly perk up an otherwise drab unit. Whether you choose to purchase solid colors or prints, drapes can quickly brighten any space. When selecting curtains, ensure that they complement the overall color scheme of your apartment. Also, bring the measurements of your windows to the store to get the correct sized curtain. For flair, you can pick long, flowing curtains and hang them well above your windows, allowing them to puddle about four to six inches on the floor.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside by decorating your apartment with fresh plants and flowers. Brightly colored tropical plants immediately boost the appearance of a room and can add striking pops of color. If you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, try purchasing bamboo or cacti, which are both extremely low maintenance plants. You can even opt for fake flora.

Wall Art
Liven up a blah wall by arranging art in dynamic, eye-catching displays. Create a gallery of your favorite photos on your walls or arrange different sized pieces in a square or circle for a more dramatic look.

No matter where you choose to unpack your boxes, there are many ways to bring color into your home. Don’t let a ‘no-paint’ policy prevent you from touring—and moving into—the many apartments for rent in Elizabeth, NJ or anywhere else in the area. From fresh flowers to gorgeous area rugs, the options are almost endless, as are the apartment choices from