The kitchen is a space in your home that often gets cluttered and chaotic due to every day wear and tear. It’s also a space where we store and cook food as well as keep our household cleaning products. This dual utilization can sometimes create an overabundance, contributing to product overflow and disorganization. For ways to make apartments near Woodbridge, NJ organized, and your kitchen streamlined, check out a few easy and practical hacks to make your space easy to navigate.

  1. Use your doors

When storage space may be limited, don’t forget that your doors hold incredible potential. You can either hang clips for your kitchen gloves or mount small holding shelves for your soaps and sponges right on them. Not only will they preserve special space, but they’ll also keep these things out of sight!


  1. Get your label maker out

Having a “home” for each one of your products helps eliminate congestion or misplacement. Place related items in designated bins with corresponding labels so you’ll always know where everything is—and bonus: when you run out of something, you’ll know immediately when you need to restock.


  1. Stacking is everything

Another way of making use of every available space in your apartment near Woodbridge, NJ is to invest in some small shelving units. This will enable your under-the-sink storage to not only look calming and neat, but you’ll also make sense of all those odds and ends, like unusually shaped items, things that don’t really have a category, and products that you don’t use all that often.


  1. Consolidate

These days, there are products for every single appliance in your home: wood, glass, metal, stainless steel, etc. If you’re concerned about space, consider getting universal products that will satisfy any of your spaces. Brands like 409 and Windex will take care of almost all surfaces, so you can eliminate any unnecessary product duplication and also save precious space. Plus, this way, it’s also easier to keep track of what you need to replenish when it comes time to hit the supermarket for a restock.

Kitchens at apartments near Woodbridge, NJ are busy but don’t have to be hectic. A few simple storage hacks can make it easy!