Pets can lengthen your lifespan, give you endless amounts of cuddles and love, and make your house feel like a home. But, having a furry friend comes with exactly that – fur! Keeping pet-friendly apartments in Belle Meade, and beyond, free of pet odors and hair can be a constant battle, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some ways to make sure your guests won’t even know you have a pet, until they feel that wet nose!


No one wants to walk into a home that smells like a kennel. Sometimes homeowners can become “nose blind” to how their apartment smells. To avoid allowing pet smells to linger in your home, be sure to keep food areas neat, clean up messes quickly, and change cat boxes often. Another great way to keep carpets smelling fresh is to use baking soda and essential oils instead of commercial products. Baking soda is a natural odor fighter and by adding some essential oils in, you can create an inviting scent throughout your home. Shake the baking soda and oil mixture on your carpets and let it sit for at least 15 minutes – or longer. Then grab the vacuum and suck it up. Voile! Fresh carpets for all to enjoy.


Pet-friendly apartments in Belle Meade can get overwhelmed by fur pretty quickly – especially during shedding seasons! To keep your furniture, drapes, and more fur-free, grab a pair of rubber gloves and get to swiping. The rubber attracts the hair, so it’ll make the clean up job just a little bit easier. If you have hardwood floors, use a microfiber drop mop to grab hair instead of trying to vacuum it. Vacuums tend to just blow hair around instead of capturing it.

Furry family members don’t have to take over pet-friendly apartments in Belle Meade. A few simple tricks can keep your home so fresh and so clean!