We love our pets, but sometimes that means dealing with less-than-fresh odors at home. Don’t let your apartment rental in Edison, NJ fall victim to nose blindness and Fido’s funk! Depending on where the smell settles, there are a variety of ways to attack it. You should focus on removing the smell instead of just masking it. Nothing is worse than a smell overtop of a bad odor! Here are some ways to make sure your home smells fresh no matter what your four-legged friend gets into.


Odors can get trapped in fabric very easily – especially spots where your furry best friend relaxes like the couch! In order to attack the odor, break down the furniture, remove cushions and pillows and treat the entire area underneath, too. Use a roller to remove all the pet hair from the entire piece of furniture and wash the cushions and pillows per directions. For spots that can’t be washed, use a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar and spray down the surface. Don’t be alarmed. At first there will be a pungent vinegar smell, but it will dissipate quickly. Then treat the surface with baking soda but be sure the vinegar is dry first. Leave the baking soda for up to 24 hours, then vacuum it up.


If your apartment rental in Edison, NJ has a lot of carpet, that means there’s even more fiber to soak up pet odor. Staying on top of cleaning the carpet is crucial to keeping your home fresh. Baking soda is the miracle cure when it comes to carpets, too! Sprinkle baking soda liberally over all the carpets – you can even add in some essential oils for an additional fresh pop as well. To get a deep clean, use a brush to “grind” the baking soda down into the fibers of the carpet but be gentle. Let it sit overnight then vacuum it up in the morning. Doing this once or twice a month, in addition to your regular vacuuming schedule should keep your carpets super fresh!

You and your furry best friend should be able to enjoy your apartment rental in Edison, NJ but don’t let the smell overwhelm your guests!