The winter season can be magical—fresh snow, cuddly scarves and mittens, and delicious baked goods. But with the cold temperatures outside, it’s easy to coup up inside and hibernate much more often than you might, say, in July. With that, it’s easy to encounter a dry heat smell, or in some cases a musty smell. To avoid this, use this clever (and festive) option to keep apartments near Woodbridge smelling fresh and full of life this winter.

This season, make something called a “clementine candle.” The great thing about this project is that it’s cheap, easy to make, and lasts long. So, roll up your sleeves, and get to work!

Pick your favorite citrus fruit (or maybe a selection for some color variety) — a favorite is the orange. Take a nail and puncture either haphazard holes or patterned holes around the skin of the fruit. From there, place cloves in the holes. Try making patterned stripes — simply wrap a rubber band around the diameter to ensure your holes stay in a straight line. Once you have all your cloves in place, simply remove the band!

Next, take a long barbecue skewer and pierce the fruit from one end to the next — this is setting the path for the ribbon or string that you’ll be hanging it with. Remove the skewer and follow the path with a needle, pulling the ribbon or string through the center. You’re almost done!

To ensure that the fruit doesn’t get moldy and will stay dry, all you need to do is shake the fruit in a paper bag with some orrisroot — it’s almost like magic!

Helpful hint: if you’re feeling a bit more in the seasonal mood or if you have a holiday party coming up, simply roll the finished product in your favorite spice like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, or ginger.

Feel free to let your inspiration take over! This project is super inexpensive and easy to make, so don’t feel inhibited, and of course, have fun with it! Apartments near Woodbridge will be smelling festive and fresh in no time!