Being involved in your community often has a strong influence on your overall happiness and sense of belonging. From recreational activities to local events, there’s plenty of ways to stay involved in the thriving community near your Carteret, NJ apartment.  

An active and stable community, Carteret is home to over 20,000 residents, great schools, and at least 10 scenic parks. These parks include amazing community amenities such as mini golf, rock climbing, fishing piers, and basketball courts. Furthermore, Carteret is in the process of constructing a new Health and Wellness Center, which aims to be the community’s epicenter of wellness and eco-friendly living. The building will be a milestone in healthy and green construction, utilizing renewable energy infrastructure, water efficient plumbing, and plenty of healthy amenities.

To stay updated on the community’s progress and events near your Carteret, NJ apartment, check out the borough’s website. You can also find more ways to get involved by following Dan Reiman, the town’s mayor, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @DanReiman. The website and social media pages are the best ways to stay in the know about Carteret news, events, updates, and more.  

Positioned in the heart of New Jersey and just a short ride from New York City, Carteret has set the example for productive government programs, redevelopment initiatives, and economic growth. Not only are the community amenities expanding, but the housing options as well. Some great apartments available for rent include Carteret Gardens, Meridian Terrace, and Meridian Square. Be sure to check out the website and social media pages to stay informed about all the great developments near your Carteret, NJ apartment!