On days when bad weather strikes, the kids can find themselves bored pretty quickly, and you won’t want them watching TV all day. What better way to get their imagination running and their interest peaked than an indoor camping party?
Here are some great ideas for giving them a fun camping experience, right in your Hillsborough NJ apartment living room.

1. Invite Friends

Invite their friends to come over for the evening or even a sleep over. Camping with friends is always more fun!

2. Pitch a Tent

Whether it’s a teepee from Target, a real camping tent, or just a blanket thrown over your kitchen table, your kids will love having a tent to read, tell stories, and even sleep in. Add comfy accessories like pillows, favorite stuffed animals and sleeping bags for the full experience.

3. S’Mores

A campout isn’t complete without roasting marshmallows! You can actually roast them over paraffin tea light candles (lit and supervised by an adult of course!), melt them over graham crackers in the microwave, or make a marshmallow pie with graham cracker crust and chocolate on top! Get as fancy or as low key as you want. Remember that the ultimate goal is fun!

4. Tell Stories

Turning out the lights and reading some spooky books to the kids inside the tent with a flashlight will be a memorable experience for everyone! You can also take turns making up parts of a story to get everyone involved and using their imaginations.

However, you set up your indoor campout, remember to get ideas from the kids and encourage them to use their creativity to turn your Hillsborough NJ apartment from normal to an awesome camping adventure!