Cacti are some of the most versatile and black-thumb friendly plants in existence. It’s no wonder they’re all the rage when it comes to decorating your Perth Amboy apartment. The cactus is a member of a plant family known as Cactaceae which is comprised of 127 genera with some 1750 known species. As a result of it, there is nearly no limit to combination of styles and designs you can accomplish when using it in your décor.

Levels to It

As cactus plants come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s very easy to make a multi-level display at your Perth Amboy apartment. Whether you have a little bit of space or a lot, you can create your own unique cactus set to perfectly meld into your décor. If you have a corner to dedicate to your plants, buy a few planters made to live on the floor – they can be of varying heights which will complement the cacti you choose. If you have the space and are truly dedicated to a cactus focal point, hunt for a vintage dresser or piece with drawers and stock them with tiny plants. Not only will you have a great conversation piece, you’ll get to pick out a plethora of different cactus plants!

From Above

Don’t have a lot of floor space to dedicate to your love of cacti? Hang it up! You can create a cactus terrarium and affix it to the ceiling. Of course, you’ll want to make it long enough to be easily taken care of and ensure it gets lots of light. Using a glass container, add some colorful sand or rocks and a variety of cacti, then secure it in something like a macramé holder. You can play with levels and sizes in this type of display as well.

In Print

If you don’t trust yourself to keep cactus plants alive, then just incorporate them into your inanimate décor. From bed sheets to wallpaper and beyond, the cactus is finding itself in lots of different prints made just for your Perth Amboy apartment. As with any design element, you don’t want to make everything in your apartment cactus related. Dedicate a specific room to focus on – whether your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom – and make cactus your theme. Keep the color palette light and complementary with bright splashes of color much like that of a cactus.

Even in the Northeast, you can incorporate the fresh feeling of the west into your Perth Amboy apartment. Whether you’re bringing home a new family of live plants or just paying homage in your décor, have fun!