Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you can’t be on the cutting edge of décor trends. Apartments in Edison can get mini-makeovers with these décor tips for 2017.

Romantic Colors

A big trend this year is deep, romantic hues – especially in the bedroom. So, maybe you can’t paint the walls, but that doesn’t stop you from updating bedroom linens, window coverings, and overall décor. Colors like ruby red, deep caramel, and black exude a sense of romance and mystery. Don’t overdo it with the colors, you don’t want to darken your entire room. Select a theme and add accents of the colors to make your room pop. Buying throw pillows, rugs, and curtains for apartments in Edison should do the trick!


If you’ve been scoping out home décor stores like Home Goods or Pier One, you might’ve noticed that Lucite is back! The transparent plastic, also known as acrylic glass, has been popping up in accent furniture, accessories, and other general home décor. Lucite was a popular material for home décor in the 1960s and has come back around to find favor in homes today. During the 1980s, the material was on the verge of overuse. The key to keeping Lucite classy is to use it sparingly throughout pieces in apartments in Edison. Consider having one statement piece made of Lucite, like an accent chair, side table, or lamp. You don’t want to have all of these pieces in one room!


Still on trend is finding the ever-elusive reclaimed treasure. Reclaimed barn wood is still coveted, but thinking beyond that, finding one interesting antique to showcase in your apartment would be huge. Finding a well-used and well-loved piece to become a main focal point of your space not only adds some hominess to your space, it can make a great conversation starter. Head to the antique shop and start your search. Another great place to look for well-loved pieces is at an estate sale. With spring in the air, many people will be starting to declutter and sell off stuff they just don’t use. Be sure to keep an eye on local listings for estate and rummage sales.

Apartments in Edison are sure to be outfitted in the latest décor trends with some simple changes. If you can’t undertake any serious renovation, that’s OK! Just switch out a few key pieces for a fresh look.