Moving into a new apartment near Edison, NJ, or anywhere, is incredibly exciting, as you imagine all of its potential and possibilities for laying out your furniture, decorating, and more. As every space is different and unique, it can be a challenge finding the best way to utilize your area while also making it feel welcoming and comfortable. Since living rooms are more often than not the focal part of your home, this room can give you the most stress and anxiety. For your new apartment in Edison, NJ, here are a few ways to make your living room space useful AND personal.

  1. Formal and traditional

This is a very common and traditional go-to if you’re trying to create your layout for your living room: simply align your couch so that it faces other seating counterparts to also include a table in the middle which sits centered from either the main wall or fireplace. This is both easy and simple.

  1. Casual and practical

Let’s be honest: our generation LOVES our television. This layout focuses more on the digital entertainment aspect, allowing our screen to be the focal point of the room. Set up the TV first, then arrange the furniture to best cater to its placement. As you fill in the rest, keep in mind the ease of view.

  1. Back to basics

Whether you’re tight on space or simply like the look of an open floor plan, this can be an ideal way to lay out your living room. Investing in a sectional sofa allows plenty of seating and saves precious floor space. Be sure to arrange it so that it faces the room’s focal point, whether it’s a fireplace or a stunning HD smart television.

  1. 2-in-1

In our digital age, we have so many options to get things done on the go, like working from home. By simply adding a large throw rug under your living room sectional couch, you can unofficially divide your living room into an additional work space or even a play corner for the kids. This way, you can have everyone “together” at the same time!

At the end of the day, your apartment near Edison, NJ, has to work for you, so don’t be hesitant to give your vision a shot!