Throwing a party for the biggest football game of the year can be a great way to get the crew together after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Rentals in Middlesex County, NJ can be the perfect places to plan sports soirees that appeal to everyone, even those that have no clue what’s going on in the game. From bites to favors to supporting your favorite team, here are some ways you can host the best party for the big game this month.

Pay Homage to the Sport

A cute way to pay respect to the sport at your football party is in the details. Obviously, everyone will be there to eat, drink, and cheer on their selected team, but adding football-specific elements can set your event apart. Dress up bottled water in ref stripes and even add a whistle to each bottle for a fun effect. Providing napkins for your guests? Select yellow and house them in a container labeled “penalty flags.” Have a chalkboard handy? Write something welcoming for your guests with a real or fake play attached. Your crew will love the attention to detail and get in the spirit of the game quickly!

Football Foods

A party for the big game is all about the food! So, take the opportunity to make football-themed noshes for your guests to enjoy from kickoff to the last whistle. Game time means nachos, pizza, wings, and easily-edible finger foods. Offer a spread of standard game day fare and customize where you can. For example, dress up chocolate covered strawberries to resemble the old pig skin for a classy yet cute after-app snack. Or, cut out football-shaped brownies and add white icing for the laces – delicious and adorable!

No matter what you supply for your guests, they’re sure to have a great time spending the evening with you at your rental in Middlesex County, NJ. Go sports!