The holiday season is finally here! While many are rushing around taking care of standard holiday tasks like shopping, wrapping, and spending time with family, you should try to make some time for your crew, too! One way to get everyone together and reduce some stress is to host a throwback holiday party. But how? There are lots of things you can do to make for a very merry kitschmas! Here are some tips for throwing a memorable event.


Make sure everyone attending knows your throwback dress code. Entertaining at your NJ apartment by hosting a ‘90s extravaganza? Encourage decade-appropriate attire with extra points for holiday-related garb. This is a step beyond ugly Christmas sweaters. While those gems are welcome, ask people to really go head-to-toe with their outfit! The pictures will be priceless.


While you don’t have to stick strictly to the decade for the food you offer, you should snag some era-appropriate treats for your crew. Throw together goodie bags with decade-specific candies as favors for your guests. Or, tackle a decade-themed gingerbread house for visual and taste appeal!


One of the best parts of the holidays is the movies – so add screenings of your favorite classics at your throwback party. Reminiscing of the ‘90s? Pop on Home Alone or Edward Scissorhands and enjoy! Another fun activity to participate in during entertaining at your NJ apartment is the White Elephant Game. Make sure your guests come prepared with wrapped gifts and let the bargaining begin!


Last but not least, think about how you’ll decorate for your throwback holiday party in NJ. Got your hands on some big lights? String ‘em up! Hit thrift shops and antique stores to see if you can score vintage holiday decorations to add to your ensemble. If all else fails, find some vintage holiday card images online, print them out, and display them!

When it comes to entertaining at your NJ apartment, the possibilities are endless. But amid all the celebratory activities, be sure to capture the moment so you can remember it forever!