After a long week or stressful day at work, sometimes you just want to have a girls’ night in your West Windsor, NJ, apartment instead of going out. Get ready to have a blast with these three easy girls’ night ideas.

  1. Bring the spa to you.

Turn your West Windsor, NJ, apartment into a spa and have a relaxing night with your girls. You can buy face masks, sugar scrubs, that new nail polish color you’ve been eying, order a pizza and call your gal pals. Have everyone bring their favorite beauty product that helps them relax so you all can try something new or have everyone bring their favorite wine and you supply the beauty products. Either way you’re in for a fun night of relaxation and catching up right in your West Windsor, NJ, apartment. Makeovers aren’t just for little girls. Find your favorite YouTube beauty guru, watch some tutorials and try them out on each other. You’ll have fun attempting to create the same look. Make sure to take pictures!

  1. Netflix and eat.

TV show marathons are one of the best ways to spend time with your friends. Everyone can wear comfy clothes, eat their favorite snacks and re-watch their favorite characters in their infamous roles.  Or, switch it up a little and watch a new series together. You can even turn this into a weekly routine and plan for future girls’ nights at your West Windsor, NJ, apartment.

  1. Cook a meal and play a game.

Making a simple meal together is great bonding time. You can make something simple like tacos or chips and dips or even try something more elaborate if your friends like to cook. Find recipes on Pinterest and try to recreate them. Take pictures of what it looked like on Pinterest and how it turned out for more laughs. When you’re done, unplug and play a board game. You’ll have fun and remember what it was like to be a kid again.

Whatever you decide to do on your girls’ night, just make sure you’re having fun in your West Windsor, NJ, apartment.