Yes, the temperature has felt more like October recently. But really, we promise—summer is coming. Is your apartment in Carteret ready?

Check out these simple design tips to get your apartment in Carteret ready for summer.

Terracotta containers. Consider switching to terracotta containers for the summer. They’re good for everything from fruit and utensils to device cords, and they’ll give your apartment in Carteret an outdoorsy feel.

Ribbon curtains
. Install bright ribbon curtains where possible. They let light in, keep bugs out, and give a seasonal vibe.

A bright bathroom. Don’t overlook the bathroom. Are you using the same dark shower curtain, rug, mats, etc. that you were at Christmas?

Oilcloth pockets. Hang a few oilcloth pockets on the wall—they provide welcome splashes of color and storage space.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips to help get your apartment in Carteret ready for summer!