When you’re making yourself comfortable and cozy in Elizabeth, NJ, apartments, you might find yourself craving the option to garden and harvest your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Luckily for you, there are incredible (and pretty simple) options to cater to this hobby while living in an apartment without dedicated gardening space. What a time to be alive and nurture other living things, too!

  1. Repurpose Old Things

When you think about it, to grow herbs and vegetables, all you really need is the thing to grow them in. With that, you can be incredibly creative when it comes to what you use. Head to your nearest wine store and inquire if they have old wooden wine crates they’re looking to get rid of. Home organizers, like hanging shoe pockets or even plastic bins, will do the trick. And of course, it goes without saying that mason jars make a great growth space.

  1. Stacking is Key

When spacing is the primary concern, stacking becomes a way of life, both inside and outside the home. The same can be said when it comes to gardening. Wooden pallets are great if you’re gardening a variety of herbs and vegetables, and also save you a tremendous amount of precious patio space. Another great option is a vertical garden: invest in a riddling rack that’s meant to hold and display wine, and use the cubbies to instead incorporate your favorite variety of fresh produce. With this, you can really be flexible with what items you choose to grow at Elizabeth, NJ, apartments.

  1. Indoor Options

For those without an outdoor space option to garden, growing citrus is an easy way to harvest your own lemons, limes, and oranges—and bonus: it’ll make your living space smell AMAZING. Simply purchase your tree of choice, invest in a pH test kit to ensure you have the correct soil, and place it in front of direct sunlight (minimum of 5 hours per day). You won’t have to worry about heading to the grocery store and wasting your money on these items ever again!

With just a few investment pieces and a bit of creativity, you can bring life (literally) into Elizabeth, NJ, apartments!