Even living in the best apartment in Belle Mead, you have to get out for exercise, for a break, and for fun. We’ve got lots of great outdoor spots nearby. That’s not surprising – about a third of Montgomery Township is open space of some kind.

Let’s start with the most important one. Yes, we have a dog park. Okay, that won’t be important if you don’t have a dog, however, for those with canines, it’s a must. And there are many other dog parks in the surrounding townships.

The Broadway and McKnight baseball fields are located in the Baseball Complex.

Cherry Hill Road Pathways is a wonderful place to walk, and is being developed with new pathways leading to shops and restaurants.

The Herrontown Woods Arboretum offers 142 acres of walking forest with 30 species of trees and shrubs.

Nearby in Langhorne is Sesame Place, where you can visit all things to do with the hit program Sesame Street.

Grover Park, Plainsboro Park and Herrontown Woods arboretum have all got playgrounds.

Many of the spaces are connected to sports. From girls’ softball to boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, soccer, and basketball, Belle Mead is focused on sports.

And for those with children who want an indoor, more cerebral activity, check out the chess club at the Mary Jacobs Memorial Library. Children are paired by age and ability.

Come check out the apartments in Belle Mead along with activities for the young and adult alike.