Furniture can be so expensive when you are looking for one-of-a-kind, functional pieces. Instead of breaking the bank, try taking a trip to IKEA right near your Elizabeth, NJ rental and using some super easy DIY hacks to spruce up your apartment!

  • Hand Painted

Find some pieces that are functional, such as magazine files or storage boxes that come in plain wood or white. Then, pick out some of your favorite colors and give them a fun and exciting pop! A mint-colored step stool with peach chevron is bound to grab your guests’ attention, and a bookshelf with a mural on the side will give your Elizabeth, NJ rental a whimsical, homemade touch!

  • Copper

Pick out some fun lamps and lighting pieces, and then grab some copper spray paint. Take them apart and spray all the metal pieces a beautiful copper color. Not only is it easy, it will give your Elizabeth, NJ rental a fresh, bright, and trendy feel.

  • Hardware

Pick out a dresser that is just the right size for your apartment (remember to measure everything before you buy it!) and then customize it just for your specific tastes. Whether you want sleek, trendy handles, or wild and crazy brightly colored knobs, a personal touch will reflect your style in a fun way!

  • Add it Together

Try getting multiple bookcases that you can put together to create the illusion of expansive built-ins specifically created for your Elizabeth, NJ rental. You can also do this with cabinets which will add precious storage space to your kitchen or bathroom. Just make sure you measure everything, and anchor everything correctly!

Organizing your Elizabeth, NJ apartment rental will seem less daunting once you have brought in these extra functional pieces. By adding a personal touch, your home will seem brighter with your custom additions! Go to IKEA and plan out your new DIY décor today!