When you think about your freezer, you probably imagine your favorite ice cream, some frozen dinners, and maybe a bottle or two of some emergency booze. But here are a few things to consider keeping in there that will help cut down on waste and have a long shelf-life when frozen. Then you can spend your valuable time worrying about decorating and entertaining in your apartment in Woodbridge, NJ, instead of worrying about wasting all your money on expired food!

  1. Yeast

If kept in the freezer, dry yeast can actually outlast its own shelf-life. When you’re ready to pull it out and use it again, just bring it back to life with some room-temperature liquid. It’s like a magic ingredient right in your freezer!

  1. Whole-wheat or whole-grain flour

The best part of whole-grain flours is the high level of beneficial nutrients and oils, but these very oils can lead to a much quicker spoiling rate. By keeping this product in an upright container like a tall Tupperware, you can stall the spoiling process and make it last longer than if kept at room temperature.

  1. Homemade pesto

Instead of tossing your herbs when they start to wilt, pesto it instead and hang onto all those flavors. Freeze the pesto on a baking sheet, and from there, you can easily slice your goods into convenient slices and store them in a freezer-friendly bag. And just like that, you’ve got preserved flavor for your next meal!

  1. Breadcrumbs

It’s ironic when you think about the fact that breadcrumbs are literally bread pieces that have gone stale, but regardless, you don’t want them to get any more stale, right? This is also one of those ingredients that you typically don’t use on a regular occasion, so the freezer is a great tool to save the surplus that you might have until the next use.

  1. Tomatoes

The best thing about this seasonal treat isn’t just the taste, but instead its ability to freeze and preserve itself. Practically anything with a tomato base in it can be frozen and reheated safely for a later meal or side dish. Stop throwing away those tomatoes when they start to go bad—freeze them instead and make your whole family happy!

Make more room in your apartment in Woodbridge, NJ, for freezable items that can last a lot longer than you might think. Your wallet will thank you!