Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you’ve decided to stay at your apartment in Hillsborough, NJ, instead of going out on the town and fighting the crowds. Of course, you still want to celebrate the holiday with your sweetheart. So here are some ideas of you can celebrate while staying in.

  1. Order your favorite take-out, and have a picnic in your living room.

There’s no reason you can’t have your favorite food on Valentine’s Day if you decide to stay in… but mix things up by eating it as a picnic in your living room. If you have the requisite basket and checkered blanket, so much the better – get ‘em out and use ‘em. And, since you’re at home, you have the freedom to play your own music, light candles, and so on, to make the space as romantic as you want.

  1. Lead your sweetheart on a scavenger hunt to find a gift.

Assuming you’ve purchased your sweetie a small gift, you can probably find a good hiding spot in your apartment in Hillsborough, NJ. So, stash the gift, and start leaving clever clues around the house. Work backwards, starting with the gift’s location and ending with the first clue.

  1. Put a new twist on the traditional dozen roses.

A dozen red roses is the classic Valentine’s gift. So, step it up a notch, and combine it with another “classic” gift: the coupon book for date nights. Create 12 coupons for future dates. Wrap each coupon around the stem of one rose or create your own unique paper flowers instead of buying a bouquet!

  1. Make a heart-shaped dish of your Valentine’s favorite meal.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with breakfast/brunch, lunch, or dinner, if you make the meal in your kitchen, you can make at least one part of it shaped for the holiday. From pizza, to desserts, to egg-in-toast (toad in the hole, egg in a basket, or whatever you call it), there are ways to turn these dishes into little hearts. Here are some helpful heart-shaped recipes if you like this idea.

  1. Make your own conversation hearts.

Remember those little candies that had printed phrases? You can make a version of your own with sugar cookies. Make cut-out sugar cookies together, and ice them. Write love notes to each other with different colored icing.

Staying home in your apartment in Hillsborough, NJ, for Valentine’s Day can still mean loads of fun and love with your sweetheart.