Spring is the perfect time to bring calm to Woodbridge, NJ, apartments through cleaning and organization. Feng shui is an ancient, and popular, way of arranging your belongings to balance your space. Here are some of the best feng shui tips for your space.


The first step is to clean your space. Before you can begin proper organization and arranging, your Woodbridge, NJ, apartment should sparkle. To keep in the spirit of balance and calm, opt for natural cleaning products – or even make your own using essential oils. Harsh chemicals emit odors that are unpleasing to the senses. By using natural products and essential oils, you’ll keep your chi in check.

Declutter and Fix

If items in your space no longer bring you joy, get rid of them. That seems like a simple rule to follow, but it can be challenging. Should an old dishtowel bring you joy? Maybe, not, but it’s functional! Decide what you’re hanging onto for no reason and what you might truly need. Trim the fat of possessions and you’ll find yourself in a calmer state. Additionally, take this time to fix what is broken. Is there a loose screw you’ve just never got around to tightening? Get it done during your feng shui experiment.

Light It Up

Sometimes Woodbridge, NJ, apartments can be darker than the soul would prefer, especially in the winter and early spring days. Take this opportunity to purchase some new lighting to brighten your space. Consider investing in a calming Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are thought to “emits negative ions that help clear the air, naturally dilute odors, and provide an ambiance of relaxation.” It’s a perfect piece for your main room or bedroom.

Promote Positive Energy

In addition to introducing to new light into your space, think about the body’s other senses when participating in feng shui. You don’t have to go to extremes but just a few simple additions can create a calmer and more productive environment. Consider getting a small wind chime that increases energetic vibration. Placing these in entryways can change the vibe as soon as you step into your apartment. Snag a bunch of sage and burn it around your apartment to rid negative energy and smells. If sage isn’t your thing, look into a new wax melt scent or candle to provide a relaxing ambiance – eucalyptus and mint is a popular stress relief option.

No matter how you approach incorporating the ideas of feng shui into Woodbridge, NJ, apartments, have fun with it. Spring is a great time for renewal, refreshment and refocusing.