It’s cold outside.

That means it’s time to bring plants inside your Englewood, NJ apartment, and keep an eye on them—they may not like being cooped up! You should also consider expanding your garden to grow year-round herbs indoors. They’re easy to manage and they’re a great addition to your culinary repertoire.

Here are some ideas:

Lemongrass. Talk about easy. Just look for a sturdy stalk with an intact base, place it in water, and it will produce roots and new shoots in no time.

Mint. Peppermint grows best indoors, so stick some seeds in a pot full of soil. It will thrive in a shady, gently lit spot.

Parsley. Seeds may take 2 weeks to show results, and clippings are not much faster. But once it gets going parsley is among the easiest herbs to cultivate.

Oregano. Look for Greek oregano, and make sure it gets 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. A southwestern window is best.

When buying herbs for indoor cultivation, it’s best to use plants that have already grown inside. Outdoor herbs can experience shock when making the transition. Plant each herb in its own well-drained container with quality organic soil. Fertilize occasionally with fertilizer than encourages leaf growth.

A little research and patience will sustain your green thumb through the winter and have the foodies at your Englewood, NJ apartment thanking you!