Looking for things to do near your Hillsborough NJ apartment? Duke Farms in New Jersey offers many unique programs focused on the natural world. If you feel the need to keep connected to nature throughout the new year, this is the place for you.

At Duke Farms they have a Junior Naturalist program aimed at teaching children and their parents about nature. Using the tools professional naturalists use, children will explore different aspects of the environment depending on the season. How does wildlife survive in the winter? What is amphibian life like in the summer? What are the signs of spring? Come explore the joys of bird watching.

In addition to these there are workshops covering Hummingbirds coming home, monarch butterflies, a look at incredible insects, and a chance to listen in on an avian symphony.

At the end of the program, children will receive their Junior Naturalist Certificate, a junior naturalist ball cap and badge. And parents will receive native plants for their yard.

One great feature: the program is just $7 per child. An adult must accompany the child.

This is just one aspect of Duke Farms, one of many local treasures familiar to the tenants in our Hillsborough NJ apartments. Come give us a call if you want to see what we have available for human habitat!