If the roommate in your Iselin, NJ rental is a four-legged furry friend, you have many things to keep in mind to ensure a healthy living atmosphere for both you and your pet. You have to be mindful of food that’s in reach, a clean bathroom situation (for both cats and dogs), and a proper approach to other living things in your apartment, like plants and flowers. While the inclusion of this greenery can spruce up Iselin, NJ rentals, you should avoid these specific ones since they’re known to be quite toxic for your cat or dog should they get into them.

  1. Lilies

As beautiful and popular these flowers are can be in your home, it’s best to avoid leaving them in your home altogether if you have a furry pet. Certain breeds of lilies are quite toxic to both cats and dogs, so to be on the safe side, it’s best to avoid any variety.

  1. Aloe

It’s no secret that aloe is a human favorite due to all of its skincare benefits, but should your cat or dog get into this plant, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and tremors, and it can also trigger emotional problems, like anorexia and depression.

  1. Dracaena

You might be quite familiar with this plant since it’s quite popular amongst apartment renters since they can grow easily and thrive well in low-light conditions. But if you want to keep pets healthy in Iselin, NJ rentals, it’s best to avoid them altogether since ingestion can cause vomiting, appetite loss, and even depression.

  1. Philodendron

This is another popular apartment-friendly plant since they’re low-maintenance and don’t require tons of attention. The downside is they’re quite toxic to your pet and can cause significant oral discomfort, like burning, excessive drooling, and irritation in the mouth, tongue, and lips.

  1. Jade and English Ivy

Both of these plants are a great look for your apartment, as they’re both easy to care for, but both can trigger difficult breathing, slow heart rates, depression, and sometimes paralysis and coma. It’s highly suggested that you keep both out of your rental while you have furry roommates.

Don’t let Fido and Fluffy befall the dangers of plants at Iselin, NJ rentals this spring – or any time of year!