We’ve always heard that the best gifts are those that come from the heart, and that’s why our mothers always loved homemade gifts when we were kids, from personalized mugs to noodle necklaces. This Mother’s Day, go retro with some homemade gifts so you can not only save money, but so you can also bring a genuine smile to your mom’s face. Forget the jewelry store! The best part is these projects are easy to make at rentals near Belle Meade, NJ.

  1. DIY picture frames

With a little paint and a bit of creativity, you can transform a boring and basic picture frame into a cherished work of art. Stamp your fingerprints along the edges or write a brief poem along the frame that illustrates your appreciation for your mom. Of course, include your favorite picture of the two of you inside!

  1. Personalized garden stones

Try out a cement stone for your mom to place in her garden or backyard. These are customizable, so you can place your handprint in wet cement and then decorate it with stones or marbles. This is a keepsake she’ll be able to hang onto forever. If you’re doing this at home at rentals near Belle Meade, NJ, just be sure to protect your floors and furniture with some plastic wrap so you don’t get wet cement all over!

  1. Create a photo album

These days, since most of our pictures are all digitally and socially shared, it’s rare that we have physical print-outs of our pictures. Luckily, there are tons of services now that will print your photos at a low cost, so pick out some of your favorites from over the years and organize them into a photo album. This is somewhat of a lost art nowadays, so your mom will appreciate the gesture even more!

  1. Customize her office space

Replace her tired and plain office supplies with personalized touches. Glue on some of her favorite lines of poetry or enhance the supplies with pictures of the two of you. All of a sudden, paying the bills won’t be so hum-drum!

Make mom feel super special this Mother’s Day by putting your heart and talent into creating DIYs at rentals near Belle Meade, NJ.