Feeling bored with the basic cubed storage pieces for your desk or bathroom? Do you want to add a little color and pattern into your space without spending a fortune on name brand items? Chances are, you probably have a handful of glass jars just sitting around your Belle Meade apartment; you might have a glass yogurt container in your fridge or an overnight facial lotion container that’s just begging to be reused and revamped with your own personal touch.

If you’re looking to keep with a certain color scheme or if you’re simply looking for a way to incorporate your personality into your home décor pieces, here’s an easy-to-follow process for breathing new life into old objects AND gaining new storage items so you can make your apartment even homier than ever!

  1. Forget the past

The first step you need to take is obviously removing the labels and any leftover residue from the bottles so you have a clear canvas.

  1. Make your mark

One of our favorite suggestions is to use washi tape to make patterns or stripes for an extra dimensional effect. We found that by creating some blank space on these will also allow you to “peek inside” so you can see the objects.

  1. Color away

Now comes the fun part! Stuff the inside of the jar with paper towels so none of the paint seeps in. From there, you can use either traditional spray paint or glass paint for your jars; be sure to spray lightly at first to avoid any dripping or blotching and slowly turn the jar so you reach all dips and lips. We found that it’s helpful to elevate the jar on the tape rolls while it’s drying to avoid any excess dripping or sticking to the newspaper.

  1. Peel and reveal

Once the jar is dry, slowly and carefully remove the tape from the jar. Voila! Now you have your brand new q-tip holder or a place to keep your makeup brushes upright. Or if you’re coordinating your work space, try it out as a pencil holder or a place to store cute, faux flowers to bring life to the area!