Winter doldrums got you down? Need a multi-sensory pick-me-up? Find an inspired, heat-proof container — from a mismatched cup to an old vase … even mason jars will work — and get ready to make some scented candles. You’ll create a little bit of warmth, a little bit of light, and a great aroma to fill North Brunswick rentals.

These are not your ordinary, mall-store candles. You control everything – from the container, to the color, to the scent and its strength. Want to add dried flowers to the side of your glass container? Go for it! Use coffee beans in the base of the candle for some texture? No problem! This is DIY central, so you’re limited only to your imagination and budget.

For all candles that you want to make, you’re going to need some universal supplies:

  • Wax of some sort: soy, paraffin, bees wax – whatever you like that works best for you.
  • A wick for the candle (or cotton thread & bases to turn into a wick, but the wicks are sold pre-made)
  • A way to hold the wick upright while the candle wax is poured into the container and sets. A wooden dowel or clothespin would work.

Scent and color are totally up to you. Scents often come in oils — liquid form to mix with the melted wax — and are often very potent, so much so that you’ll only need a few drops to get a nice scent going. Colors can take a couple of different forms — from shavings off a dye block or a melted crayon (similar processes go into making both of these) or a liquid, oil-based candle dye — so again, you choose what works best for you. The most inexpensive way that offers the most variety of colors is probably a big pack of crayons (online reviews say Crayola brand works best). Use your imagination and creativity to make North Brunswick rentals warmer and brighter.

To give you some suggestions or ideas of what’s possible, here are some color/scent/container combinations for you to try.

There are endless combinations brighten up North Brunswick rentals. Just hit Pinterest, buy your supplies, and make yourself some candles!