When you spend money and quality time on your travels, you want to display the mementos you pick up from your journeys, but after a while, these souvenirs can often translate into clutter at New Jersey apartments. The last thing you want to do is associate these mementos with annoyance—you want to look at these items as reminders of your memories. So, how do you keep these physical memories in a way that’s tasteful and still allows you room for your non-travel décor?

  1. Shadow boxes

These seem to be all the rage these days, as they’re simple ways to keep all your souvenirs from each location in one place. Thankfully, you have your choice when it comes to the depth, so depending on what you’ve collected, you can display everything in one place here. The really cool part of this is you can add multiple locations on one wall so that it looks like a gallery wall full of your worldly travels!

  1. Scrapbook

This is a timeless approach for all those paper souvenirs that you saved, like ticket stubs, brochures, photographs, autographs, or even maps. In this form, they’ll not only be in one place, but they’ll also be protected so the print or ink will be preserved over time.

  1. Convert!

With the creativity that technology has graced us, we can now convert our favorite photos into blankets, coasters, paperweights, or even canvas posters. Not only does this allow you to preserve your memories, but these transformations provide utility AND equate into great gift ideas.

  1. Invest in a cubby organizer

Maybe make one corner of your New Jersey apartment your “Travel Zen Spot.” When you’re itching to get out of dodge but can’t, you can visit this corner of your home and allow it to take you back to your favorite spots in the world. Peruse your photos, play with your knick-knacks, and allow yourself to go back in time, even if just for a moment. It’ll remind you of all your fond memories and distract you just enough from the real world.

If you’re looking for creative and space-saving ways to display all your travel mementos in New Jersey apartments, try out these simple and creative ways so you can cherish your memories without having to stuff them away.