Need to grab a bite for lunch close to your apartment in Woodbridge? Or perhaps have a more leisurely time with friends over an afternoon meal on the weekend? Here are some great options.

One thing that’s immediately striking is the range of what is available. For sushi, the Sake Bomb Buffet is a well-priced restaurant that also offers hibachi meats, Dim Sum, pork buns, crab rangoons and more.

For Tex-Mex and Mexican there is Jose Tejas, featuring fantastic margaritas, great service and is almost always packed. That can be a hassle, but it’s a great recommendation.

One hidden gem is the Thai House Rock, around the corner in Colonia. As one reviewer put it, “If you’re looking for spicy, this is your mecca.” Just how small is this restaurant? They have just six tables in the entire restaurant! And just to mix it up, the music is doo-wop. Not to be missed.

One highly-acclaimed restaurant revolves around one type of food, and it isn’t one many people would pick to pin their hopes on for success—but it’s amazing. Check out Potatopia, over in Edison. If you hear “potato” and can’t seem to think beyond “baked,” take a look; it will change how you think about the food. Obviously there are a variety of fries. A favorite is curry fries. But there is also sweet potato with cinnamon, tater tots with chicken, au gratin. And, if you must, there is baked—but these are dressed like nothing you’ve seen before.

Beyond this, there is the Shannon Rose (Irish), the China Café, and Brooklyn Boys Pizza and Deli, to name just a few more.

If you live in our Autumn Hills community, area restaurants provide choice dining experiences for a choice place to live. If you’re looking for an apartment in Woodbridge, stop drooling and drop by for an abode and a bite.