There is no better time than the new year to declutter your apartment near East Rutherford and make room for the new items that you’ve received for the holidays. But, once you’ve done the hard work of deciding what to let go and what to keep, where should your gently used items go? Tossing them in the trash is not only bad for the environment, it’s just a waste when there are people who could possibly use the stuff you don’t need anymore. Here are some great charities to donate your stuff to.


One of the most donated items in the country is used clothing. There are lots of organizations that accept used clothing, but there are some that take in specific items.

Dress for Success – Do you have business attire that you just don’t need or want any longer? Donate it to Dress for Success. This charity supplies gently used business clothing to women in poverty to help them find jobs and thrive in the workforce.

Operation Prom – You know that you’ve had your prom dress sitting in the back of your closet for, what, like 10 years? Get rid of it and donate it to Operation Prom. This charity works with low-income students who can’t afford to go to prom by providing them dresses and tuxedoes at no charge. As a bonus, this charity also accepts handbags and jewelry!

Free the Girls – Typically, we don’t think about donating our under garments after we’ve used them. But, this charity accepts new or gently used bras so that women rescued from sex trafficking can resell them on the second-hand market.

Cell Phones

HopeLine – Have a few outdated cell phones lying around your apartment near East Rutherford? HopeLine accepts cell phones, phone batteries, chargers and other mobile accessories in any condition to provide to women’s shelters. Verizon runs the program to help domestic violence survivors.


VSP Global – Collecting specs but your prescription changed, or your style did? VSP Global accepts used prescription glasses, readers, and sunwear then gives people around the world access to free or affordable eyewear.

Making a difference by donating your stuff will start your new year off on the right path and, as a bonus, declutter your apartment near East Rutherford, NJ!