Nothing beats the feeling of a clean and organized apartment. You can easily find your keys, put mail where it belongs, and reference your DVD collection without having to spread them all out to try to find the one you were looking for. Unfortunately, cleaning and maintaining the organization can be difficult. Use these tips to help you declutter and organize your Rahway, NJ, rental.

Is your bathroom or vanity littered with hair products, makeup, tooth paste, or other everyday items you need to prep for your day? Gather all of them up and use a vintage test-tube rack that will keep all your grooming tools in one place. Brushes, nail polish and nail files fit perfectly as well as eyeliner and lipsticks. If you use bobby pins regularly, use an old mint container to store them. The mint container will also fit neatly in the test-tube rack.

Display your hair accessories in glass kitchen canisters. The clear containers make it easy to see what you want.  Hang your jewelry from a picture frame by removing the glass and screwing hooks to the top of the frame. You can hang the frame anywhere you get ready in the morning in your Rahway, NJ, rental.

If it’s one thing that gets out of hand quickly, it’s laundry. Whether you have piles of clean clothes that haven’t been put away or your clothes still need to dry, they’re usually spread throughout your Rahway, NJ, rental and by no means organized. Buy a drying rack for your clothes that still need drying, or use an old ladder and hang it up in a section of your apartment. Your drying clothes will all be in one place and make your apartment much tidier. Don’t have enough dresser space for your clean clothes? Buy an ottoman with storage for your out of season clothes. Switch out your clothes seasonally so you have what you need readily in your drawers.

Wires from chargers and other electronics can invade your space. Attach binder clips to the edge of your desk and place cords through the clips. This will make it easy to plug in your electronics. Use patterned binder clips to keep your style.

Finally, make use of every inch of your cabinet space by hanging household cleaners from a tension rod. This saves space on shelves for other everyday items. You can also adhere a plastic folder to the inside of your kitchen cabinet to store takeout menus. Use a clear one so you can find the restaurant you need quickly when you’re hankering for your favorite food.

Keeping your Rahway, NJ, rental clean and clutter-free is easy with a few quick chores here and there.