When searching for an apartment, quality closet space is often at the top of every wish list. Regardless of if you wind up with a stunning walk-in or if your options are much more limited, creating your dream closet is a cinch. Getting the most out of this space is a necessity, so you can introduce a few ways to get creative, efficient, and clever when it comes making your Englewood, NJ, apartment closet one you can be proud of.

  1. Introduce multi-level hanging rods

Depending on the size of your wardrobe or your attire needs, you may find that a lot of space underneath the standard hanging rod gets unused, so look into installing a lower level rod. From here, you can utilize this extra space by hanging skirts, short tops, or even accessories, like purses, jewelry, or hats.

  1. Invest in cubbies

Picking out even just a few cloth cubbies to rest on your top shelf can organize your belongings, eliminate clutter, and grant you some extra floor space. Luckily almost every home retailer carries these items, so you can get creative with a color scheme or introduce a pattern to give your Englewood, NJ, apartment closet extra character.

  1. Don’t be afraid to decorate!

Let’s face it: we spend a lot of time in our closets. From deciding on daily outfits to going through your seasonal purge or rotation, our closet can sometimes feel like a second living room. So, feel free to add some fun décor, like a classy Audrey Hepburn photo or a full-length mirror to give your closet the effect of a changing room.

  1. Use those doors!

There are all sorts of clever ways to utilize your closet doors—invest in an over-the-door shoe rack to show off your pumps or a clear pocket organizer to display your fall scarves or hold your jewelry for quick and easy access. Even a few hooks over the door can be used for hoodies, tank tops, or belts, which can also help keep your types of attire organized and out of the way.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to get creative! With these easy tricks, your Englewood, NJ, apartment closet will very quickly start to feel like your dream closet!