If you’re living in Woodbridge, NJ, apartments, you know that not all rental spaces are created equal. Sometimes you have to carve out specific parts of your home to fulfill a need that didn’t exactly come with the floor plan. Like, a formal dining area.

Fortunately, people have been living in spaces of all sizes — especially in the metro New York City area — and figuring out ways to create those niches. That means you won’t have to reinvent the wheel but just get a little creative.

The “murphy table”

You’ve heard of a murphy bed? Where the bed, including the mattress, is stored in a cabinet against a wall when not in use? This is the same principle. The table will need to be constructed out of a rather thin (for a table) material, and the leg or support will also need to be foldable. When mealtime is done, you fold it up and into its cupboard and hide it away.

A custom table

Sometimes, you’ll have just a few feet of space between the kitchen and the next room. If your apartment was a little bit larger, it would clearly be your dining room. But since it’s not bigger, you have to find a way to make it work. And a traditionally sized table won’t work. If you have the means, consider commissioning a custom table that will exactly fit the measurements in your apartment. Another alternative is to have your table put on wheels, so it can be easily moved out of the way.

Eat Moroccan-style

Grab some large cushions and sit down at your coffee table. Bonus points if you make Mediterranean food regularly – this is how many Mediterranean cultures eat normally! In the US, this won’t be the most comfortable or glamourous way of dining, but it’s a viable option if it’s the only space you have. Short of eating at the kitchen counters, anyway.

Use the breakfast bar

If your apartment in Woodbridge, NJ, happens to have a breakfast bar as part of the kitchen, you’re a lucky one! Pull up some bar stools and make good use of this space. Quite possibly the easiest solution to limited dining space.

Creating a unique dining space in Woodbridge NJ Apartments just takes a little bit of ingenuity and work. Enjoy the process!