It’s always a great feeling when friends and family tell you that your apartment is “cozy.” Use these tricks to transform your Carteret, NJ, apartment from blah to warm and welcoming.

One of the must have items for a cozy apartment is a faux fur throw. There’s just something about running your hands through the fur as you sit comfortably reading a book or watching a movie with friends that really sets the tone for luxury and comfort. Not really into fur? Get or make a knitted throw instead. If knitting, make sure the spools you choose are the softer wool variety for a more luxurious feel. Crocheting is a great option too.

Some apartments have a faux fireplace that most people use for storage anyway. It seems only fitting that by adding stacked logs to your fireplace, you’d be able to create a warm atmosphere even if you have no intention or the capability of having a fire. Wood is a wonderful feature to add to any apartment and if done correctly, you can rejuvenate your walls by adding reclaimed wood paneling or even one piece of wooden furniture.

Plants are another way to create an inviting setting. The staghorn fern is a great plant that you can mount on your wall just like mounting a deer head. They are also relatively easy to care for and only require misting or soaking depending on how diligent you are. If you have a bit of a brown thumb, succulents are a great option for your Carteret, NJ, apartment. They do not need to be watered as frequently and can survive in most dry conditions.

The final trick to turn your Carteret, NJ, apartment into a cozy oasis is by adding antiques. People take comfort in old objects that hold happy memories of times past. Whatever the style of your apartment, incorporate a few antique items and let the compliments start rolling in.