Hoboken, NJ is hot.

That’s not news if you’ve rented an apartment in New Jersey over the past few years. But if you’re new to the scene and considering renting an apartment in Hoboken, NJ, take heed: the former industrial center on the Hudson River has been reborn as a center of business, dining, and culture. The area around River and Washington Streets is fast becoming an extension of Manhattan and Brooklyn—literally, as it’s about 10 minutes into Midtown on the PATH Train.

Disembark at Hoboken Terminal and you instantly know you’re somewhere special. Built in 1907, the stunning vaulted ceiling, featuring a 2,000 sq. ft. Tiffany skylight is considered one of the finest in the country. From there, the town is at your feet: do you want to enjoy some of the region’s best Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, or Greek cuisine? Visit the birthplace of Frank Sinatra? How about have a drink and enjoy the sound of Maxwell’s, one of the birthplaces of indie and alternative rock?

Want to chill out? Have a picnic by the river or explore Hoboken’s myriad neighborhood shops. It’s worth visiting here, so consider apartments for rent in Hoboken—it’ll put you in that New York state of mind without the price tag.

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