Organizing your closet in your new home can be tough – especially in a rental when you can’t put in permanent organizing shelves and drawers. Here are some great ways to maximize your space and keep everything neat and tidy in your Perth Amboy Rental.

Renew and Reuse

Use those old shoe boxes for organization! Whether you fold your scarves, socks, or underwear and use them as extra drawers, arrange your jewelry in them, or just simply use them to keep your shoes organized, shoe boxes are sturdy and useful! Put them on the floor under your clothes or on the shelf above them, and label them on the outside so it is easy to pull out the one you want. Bonus points for using fun printed duct tape to decorate them!


Tension Rods can be used to create impermanent hanging space or even shelving! For your shoes, using two tension rods slightly offset can create the perfect shoe rack. Put two rods level with a light board on top to create a shelf, and use a heavy duty rod the length of your closet for more hanging space for your winter accessories or tank tops!

Dead Space

Put hooks in the dead spaces in your closet (wall space where clothing and shelving doesn’t sit) and hang your luggage, purses, or even necklaces. This can create a really cool gallery look while also being functional and using your space to the best of your ability! You can use products like Command Hooks which are not permanent and will not damage the walls.

While you’re doing spring cleaning in your Perth Amboy Rental try implementing some of these ideas and enjoy the extra space and ease they help create in your closet!