One of the greatest luxuries of renting is not having to worry about maintaining the lawn, worrying about taking the trash to the curb, or shoveling on those blustery winter days. So, this allows you the extra time and energy to invest on the inside of Edison apartments. By nature, you’re probably accustomed to focusing on your countertops, appliances, and floors to feel your home is clean. But there’s one area in your home that you probably neglect to even consider when it comes to those cleaning purges.

Have you ever thought about your light switches and how many times a day you flick them on and off? Just consider how these switchplates might be the dirtiest place in your apartment! All you need is 20 to 30 minutes to commit to cleaning these puppies, and you’re done!

More than likely your switchplates are standard plastic and unpainted, and if that’s the case, you can simply run them through your dishwasher, and once they’re dry, just screw them back in, and you’re set. You might find that if you’re tackling all of your plates at once, you start to collect a tremendous amount of screws. To avoid losing them, keep them screwed into the wall while the plates are washing to eliminate the possibility.

If you’d rather handwash your plates or if they’re delicate or painted, the simple concoction of half water and half vinegar will do just the trick of ridding your plates of build-up. Simply wipe the plates with a cloth moistened with your homemade mix, and you’re set! Just be sure to be careful to not get the cleaning solution in the switch or outlets.

You might immediately notice a difference in how much cleaner your plates look once they’re all back in their places—once the dirty fingerprints and smudges are removed, it can make an incredible difference in the overall appearance of your wall. Plus, just think about all the germs you removed!

Next time you feel that cleaning urge comes to life when you’re home in your Edison Apartment, make sure to include your switchplates in your to-do list!