Do you ever miss the room you had as a teenager? The first space you were able to make your own, your bedroom showcased the interests and talents you held closest. But there’s an upside to certain trends, especially when they come back in style. Check out these childhood bedroom favorites that have grown-up just enough for your Perth Amboy apartment.

Stars on the ceiling

Lying under the stars is one of the more relaxing activities on anyone’s to-do list. So, it was only natural that you wanted it in your bedroom, too. Transformed from the glow-in-the-dark stickers that always fell off, try this gorgeous constellation paint work for a stunning bathroom accent.

Posters…and more posters

From The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys, taping up posters or torn-out magazine pages was a rite of passage. A rite of passage that left sticky residue and a haphazard scrapbook look to your walls. Finding the correct tape (such as low-adhesive washi tape) and clean cut images updates this look for any space in your Perth Amboy apartment.

String Lights

Tacked to the wall or draped around windows and canopy beds, fairy lights with big, neon bulbs were a decent way to add soft light to your room. This café-style string bulbs give the ambiance of those clunky lights a little more of a refined look.

Mini lockers

Does schoolhouse design every really go out of style? Ditching the two-tone, overly-glittered lockers of your bedroom’s youth, contemporary colors and designs like this adds schoolhouse sophistication that will match any of your chalkboard accessories.

Bean bag chairs

Admit it. Plopping down in an overstuffed bean bag chair was the highlight of coming home from school. Though much less neon (and often less fuzzy), this modern bean bag chair can take multiple forms to fit in multiple angles of your room with a sleeker design and fabric.

Reminisce over the room you once had and transform your Perth Amboy apartment into the perfect indulgence for the teenager inside that you’d still like to visit from time to time.