When you completed that old rocking chair you found at a flea market, you immediately reached for a can of spray paint to add the finishing touches. But what if you could use that same little can to spruce up more than refinished wood in Hillsborough, NJ apartments?

Though precaution should always be taken when using spray paint (such as using it in ventilated spaces and never on items that will come in contact with food or water), the handy can of color can be a quick and easy way to transform your living space.


Major appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers have a tendency to be beaten up over the years. If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your working, albeit worn, icebox, go ahead and splash a modern hue on it. (Note: Though you will not be spraying the inside of the machine, you will be unplugging it. Make sure everything is cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly for a fresh fridge.)

Don’t leave the spray paint just for the major kitchen players though. Small appliances, such as KitchenAid mixers, can using upgrading from time to time as well. Follow this tutorial to pick and paint the perfect color for a machine you will be glad to leave out on your counter.

Obviously, only spray paint appliances that you own. The fees can be hefty for altering any appliances that came with your apartment.


Thrift stores are rife with outdated vinyl chairs that could use a modern spin for retro-decorated apartments in Hillsborough, NJ. A durable material, vinyl is easy to spray paint a fresh color, making sure you use a flexible spray specifically used for adhering to plastics.

If vinyl isn’t your thing, however, there are more ways to upgrade your chairs. Rather than reupholster fabric you no longer like (or didn’t choose in the first place), try giving it a spin with a flexible fabric paint. Whether you want one color, stripes or patterns, your possibilities are endless with this one.


Glass. It may not seem like a person’s first choice in surface to spray paint, but the results can be outstanding. Try updating centerpiece bowls with mercury-effect paint or bottles with seaglass coloring to give an inexpensive look to your everyday items. You can even match $1 glass plates with any setting by giving them a little pop of color. (Note: Spraying the underside of glass plates or bowls and leaving the tops undecorated will make sure the items remain food safe.)

Using these tips and more, you can indulge in your spray paint-loving creative side when decorating Hillsborough, NJ, apartments.