Patterns are in and boring is out. If you’re the type that isn’t impressed with simplicity, and you’re attracted more to mixing rather than matching, consider these out-of-the-box tactics for decorating your Woodbridge apartment. You’ll be the talk amongst all your friends, and you may even inspire your guests to take a cue out of your book and play with patterns!

  1. Maintain a color palette

You might be tempted to splash any and all colors together to provide an eclectic look, but keep in mind that you’re still trying to maintain order and a common theme. Choose a main color as your base, and sprinkle in accents of different shades, patterns, and designs so it all still ties together for one common look.

  1. Scale it together

This might be another temptation: mixing all sorts of patterns might seem fun, but try to stay in a similar family. Perhaps introduce stripes of various widths or colors. Include a floral theme with various shades or designs. Or perhaps mix and match plaid with stripes and polka dots for an overall aligned aesthetic.

  1. Texturize your theme

You might not think to include texture into your home design, but it can really bring life into your space with minimal effort. Introduce décor like shag rugs, velvet throws, or silk curtains for a dramatic effect.

  1. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad

If you’re hesitant or nervous about trying out mixed patterns, start with this basic rule of thumb. Pick two different patterns, like strips with paisley or plaid with dots. From there, pick a common and neutral color between the two and pull out the patterns. It’s a simple way to ease into this method of decorating.

  1. A little of a lot goes a long way

Another fun and easy way to bring life and excitement into your space is including a bunch of mixed patterns in small doses. Arrange a mixture of differing patterns in your throw rugs, or sprinkle in a variety of differently styled throw pillows to really make your space splash with color, patterns, and fabrics.

Using a variety of patterns in your décor doesn’t have to be tacky. When you keep a few key tips in mind, your Woodbridge apartment will be fit for the cover of upscale home design magazines in no time!