Let’s face it: you’re renting because you’re budgeting your money. Go, you! But how do you decorate your apartment in Edison, NJ, so that it not only reflects your personality but also won’t kill your savings? And how do you make your space your own without worrying about incurring fees upon moving out? Here are just a few quick and easy tips to make your space personal and budget-friendly.

  1. Staple Pieces

Brainstorm where you envision yourself spending most of your time. Do you unwind and decompress in the living room? Make sure you have a sofa that will make you look forward to coming home. Do you enjoy entertaining and hosting dinner parties? Look into getting a table that will cater to your guests and drive them to hang out in this area.

  1. Color is Key

When painting your space isn’t an ideal option since you’re renting, bring color in elsewhere. Invest in a bold-colored comforter and theme your bedroom scheme around this piece. Looking to feel relaxed? Incorporate light colors in common areas, like your throw pillows and blankets. Or take the opposite route and throw in bright colors to give your rooms elements of pop and excitement.

  1. Add in Texture

Don’t be afraid to go a bit off the grid when it comes to adding in texture to your common home features—this simple change can really bring in personality and difference to your living space, all the while without worrying about incurring fees when it comes to the day you move out. Add in a fluffy area rug or install satin window hangings for an element of surprise and character.

  1. A Deal is a Deal!

The best part of living in your own space is that you can make it completely yours. Places like HomeGoods and Etsy offer an endless variety of home décor that will bring unique style to your apartment at incredibly reasonable prices. From end tables and accent chairs to coasters and candles, these retailers offer items that you didn’t even know you needed or wanted!

With just a few tiny investments, you can make your Edison, NJ, apartment a space of your own!