It’s beach season! No matter what you have going on this summer, the call of the shore is always the loudest. Turn your daydream into reality with these simple tricks to bring the shore inside apartments in Perth Amboy. The nautical themes and bright summery colors will bring you joy whether you’re down the shore or not!

If you’re up for a challenge, paint your walls a bright teal to bring the colors of the ocean inside your apartment. Leave the muted color palette behind with bright walls and matching accent pillows. Try to find complementing colors like orange or coral for teal tones. Combine with a neutral comforter to symbolize the sand and you’re all set to enjoy your new beach room.

Bright and cheery may not be your calling, in which case the all-white walls and furniture may be more your beach fantasy. Don’t go out and buy all new furniture! If you like what you have, spray paint it white instead. Top your bed with quilts in pastels or reds and blues and hang anchors and beach signs on walls in apartments in Perth Amboy.

For a more modern all-white look, add in navy blue accents like a throw rug near your bed and navy blue pillows with a white comforter. Pale blue or silver are other options if the muted color palette is what you’re going for. Add in sheer curtains for a breezy look.

Coral and starfish are great decorations for hanging or using as the focal point of your table or other display area. You can buy them in bulk if you don’t have time to scour the beach. There are plenty of pictures and shadow box ideas that you can create yourself or buy to fit with your nautical theme. Crabs and seagulls are also great symbols of the beach and add a touch of character to apartments in Perth Amboy with a beach theme.

If you need more inspiration, take a trip to the beach for a day of relaxation and idea curation. Both your apartment and your mental health will thank you.