Fall is when nature tucks in for a deep sleep with a bright explosion of color. What better time to start bringing the outdoors inside to decorate your West Windsor NJ rental?

Bring in Wood

If you’re someone who enjoys hiking, or combing the beach for driftwood, this is an easy task. Gather twigs and other pretty branches to put in a vase. If you’re a beachcomber, pieces of driftwood (if large enough) can be used in many more ways – from a clever plant stand to an innovative way to store office supplies. A thick, straight branch you find on a hike in the Poconos would make a great curtain rod. These are quick, and reversible, ways to bring outdoor elements to your West Windsor NJ rental. But they are far from the only ways.

Autumn Leaves and Fall Flowers

Are you a fan of the bright colors of fall leaves and watching the green trees turn into a kaleidoscope of warm tones? Grab those gorgeous red, gold, rust, orange or purple leaves and take them home with you. Press them for a few days in a heavy book. Buy some floating glass frames and place the pressed leaves in the frame. Instant splashes of fall color in your home. You can do the same thing with any pretty flowers you want to preserve.

Create a Moss Wall

Say what? How do you make a living moss wall in a rental? Well, you don’t exactly, because live moss needs a lot of moisture. But dried moss is totally doable. You can create a moss wall garden, and hang it on the wall as if it was a piece of art made of moss. Which it is! This is something you can easily DIY with dried moss. These types of products are also available on sites like Etsy.com if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

Make Your Own Terrarium

Here’s a way to bring growing things (that usually don’t need a whole lot of water or attention) right into your home. Build a terrarium and grow succulents, cacti, and other low-maintenance plants. You can choose containers as traditional or as quirky as you want. Anything from a large light bulb, to a mason jar, to traditional glass terraria. The basic steps are the same no matter the container, and what better way to bring the outside in than to grow actual plants inside your West Windsor NJ rental — where you can see the root system as it sprouts inside the terrarium container.

These are just some of the clever ways to bring the outside indoors to bring elements of nature into your home. There’s nothing like natural beauty to make your West Windsor NJ rental feel like home.