Science has recently shown that the sense of smell is powerful when it comes to memory. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to learn that it can also play a role in your mood. And while we’re all human and will experience the gamut of human emotions over our lifespan, why not try to stack the deck towards the more positive emotions through scent by making Avenel apartments smell good — through scented candles.

What scents work best for improving your mood?


Citrus scents in general, but lemon in particular, are known to invigorate and wake up the mind. The smell of lemon is also reported to regulate hormone levels and boost immune function. When used in candles, you don’t get the cloying sweetness from a lemon scent, so this is a great aroma to have in the kitchen.


Burning a jasmine-scented candle before bed (make sure you blow out the flame before going to sleep) helps to ease anxiety and provide a more restful sleep. It even works better than lavender, which has long been touted as an herbal scent that promotes sleep.


The smell of a peppermint candle is said to enhance concentration and focus. It’s even been used to help students take tests — so if you have an important task to complete, light the peppermint candle.


The scent of roses is likely to give you happy dreams, if you can smell it while you’re sleeping. A rose-scented candle (or diffuser) will be sure to leave you well-rested in your Avenel apartment.

As you’re experiencing the benefits of scented candles, remember that they are still open flames and need to be treated with the caution and respect that’s due fire. No happy smells are worth the risk of a house fire. In other words, use safely and within the regulations your property managers set for your Avenel apartments.